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Action 14 Letter Contest
* Points to Remember *

Use the button above labeled “Electronically Send Letters NOW!” and click on it.

Send the letters under the Action Alerts using your information and also designate “14” in the section labeled “Chapter/Agency” – VERY IMPORTANT TO GET CREDIT FOR YOUR LETTERS

*** Each letter submitted counts as a ticket-entry for our monthly and quarterly drawing! ***

There is no limit to the amount of letters that can be submitted. The more letters submitted, the higher your chances are for winning.

Engage your Family & Friends! If they submit letters based on your referral, send us their name/s and e-mail address to: Make sure they enter "014 - IRS Saint Louis" in the “Chapter/Agency” section of the system – (VERY IMPORTANT TO GET CREDIT FOR THE LETTERS)
bring their information to our office and you get credit for the ticket-entry!

Monthly winners will receive choice of Certified NTEU Gear from the prize-vault.

Quarterly winners will receive $25 Gas Cards.
(liquid gold people)
Action 14 Contest Winner!!

(named individual coming soon)​
She submitted letters in an effort to Speak Up for the Showdown on the Hill. Candace selected goodies from our prize vault...but the contest is far from over! Please send your letters today for the next monthly drawing and quarterly drawings.

A Grand Prize - $100 Gift Card will be awarded to the person with most letters remitted overall (including letters sent on your behalf from family and friends).

All of our Winners will be announced here!

Many can enter…many can win. So get started, you should be communicating with congressional leaders anyway!

Why not win a prize for it?
Action 14's quarterly drawing is approaching fast, have you sent your letters to Congress? Have you asked friends or even family to submit on your referral? Act fast before the month of May expires, it will bring not only a new monthly winner but also a 2nd Quarterly Winner of our $25 Gas Card!! is liquid gold! Remember, the more letters remitted the greater your chances are of winning the Contest!

Who will be our 2nd Quarterly Winner?

- Action 14
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