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We Recognize...

...your Labor

Chapter 14's Labor Recognition 2015

Defense 14 is very proud of our membership. We had a great time celebrating Labor Recognition Week with you and (at the time of this event - Executive Vice) National President Anthony M. Reardon!


"I want to personally say to you: 'Thank You' for all your hard work and dedication. 'Thank you' for being on the frontlines to service America..." - Tony


​It's awesome news to report that when our National Officers of NTEU come to visit, they have such warm and refreshing words for the Saint Louis workforce. They understand that not only are there talented, dedicated employees here in the metro region, but there are always employees ready to smile and have fun! Only in Saint Louis, can one find such a great mixture of minds and camaraderie!


Pictures from this event are posted here! We were glad to see so many of you there and can't wait until the next event! Details for the next event will be posted under the "Breaking News" tab above!

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