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Welcome to Defense 14

Defense 14  says: Volume Thirty-Four is here! Click HERE and see our latest BRIEF now!

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Welcome to Chapter 14​​

Our "Defense Level" here at NTEU is currently raised to 14. Poised with the best minds of our Federal Workforce and ready to take action, we are one of the strongest chapters standing throughout these United States. Located in what is known as the "Show-Me-State", Chapter 14's main office holds ground in beautiful downtown Saint Louis, Missouri. With Post-of-Duty coverage for the greater Saint Louis area, Town & Country (Chesterfield) and Cape Girardeau, it is our absolute pleasure to serve our federal employees with the highest level of confidence bestowed by rights negotiated under a national agreement. Charted in 1943, we hold a long, adventurous history with representing Internal Revenue Service employees and would challenge anyone to stand firm with us in recognizing the true value of our Federal Workforce.  - Level 14​

Who We Are

We organize, coordinate and enforce labor management rights fought on many levels of government. We promote reasonable methods of work, ensure rights are not violated and settle all disputes between employees and management up to arbitration decisions. We secure adequate pay for their work; through proper legislation. We seek security for our members by legal or justifiable reason to elevate the moral, intellectual and social conditions of our members workplace.​​​​​​​​​ Who are we? We are Chapter 14 of The National Treasury Employees Union, we smile at uncertainty but we take no bull. Our employees are the best civil servants throughout the world and harming them is something we will never tolerate.

Important Union Information

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Know Your Rights

Let's clear up one common misconception. You did not give up your basic rights the day you became a federal employee. Many rights are provided by law and additional rights have been negotiated. All are enforced for you daily by NTEU Chapter 14.

Your rights, under both the law and the NTEU/agency contract, are only words on paper until you claim them, assert them, and exercise them. Exercising your rights will transform hopes and aspirations for the future into a positive action program that will make a better tomorrow for federal employees.

You will never be alone in exercising these rights. NTEU Chapter 14 ...its members, leadership, and staff... stand with you.

The Federal Labor Management Relations Act defines and protects your rights. As a federal employee, you have the right to: Join NTEU Chapter 14;​ Actively participate as a member of Chapter 14;​ Participate in the decisions affecting your work life;​ File grievances through your Chapter 14 representative;​ Be guaranteed protections in exercising your rights.​ ​It is against the law for management to take any action against you because of your membership in, support of, or active participation in NTEU Chapter 14.

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Question & Answers

Do you have the right to have an NTEU Chapter 14 representative present in a "formal discussion" between you and management?

Any examination of an employee in the bargaining unit by a representative of the agency in connection with an investigation, including Internal Security or Inspection, entitles you to have an NTEU Chapter 14 representative present if you reasonably believe that the examination may result in disciplinary action against you and you request representation.

Do you have the right to file grievances or complaints against the agency without fear of reprisal?

It is illegal for the agency to discipline or otherwise discriminate against you because you have filed a grievance, complaint, or affidavit against the agency or its representatives.

Does the law state that the statutory protection of the right of employees to form, join, and participate in labor unions of their own choosing contributes to the effective conduct of public business?

In addition, Congress has found, and the law thus states, that employees’ participation in labor unions also safeguards the public interest and facilitates and encourages the amicable settlements of disputes between employees and the agency involving “conditions of employment.”

All of the above are rights afforded to you in accordance with the Federal Service Labor-Management Relations Statute. NTEU Chapter 14 ensures that those rights are protected.

Congress guarantees your right, as a federal employee, to join NTEU Chapter 14. Some managers may not understand the law or have no respect for it. Make it perfectly clear to them that you know what your rights are, and that you plan to assert them, immediately. Take that important first step!
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