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Defense 14 warmed up, set the pitch...and threw nothing but strikes to congressional leaders on February 3rd, 2015! We give many, many thanks to all NTEU members and even non-members whom gave support in sending letters urging an end to the sequester, co-sponsoring the H.R. 304 "The FAIR Act" and showing support for the H.R. 532 "The Federal Employee Paid Parental Leave Act".

Our next Lunch & Learn event was canceled for February 17th & 18th, 2015 (due to weather conditions). Although this event did not boast letter writing, we do encourage all of our members and non-member to  send another whopping load of letters to congressional leaders! We are proud to serve as your chapter of NTEU. doesn't stop there ladies and gentlemen. We still need YOU to get the word out to family and friends of sending these letters electronically. Have everyone to visit our website here and send out those letters!

The Letter Contest 2016 will return, stay tuned...

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