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Chapter 14's

Holiday Party 2018!

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Greetings From Chapter 14!

(Singing - Oh the weather outside was frightful...) Yeah, frightfully frigid! But on December 8th, those Saint Louis temperatures did not keep our members from enjoying the event with us! From elegantly and extravagantly dressed ladies to dashingly debonair gentlemen, the Ambassador Ballroom (of the Frontenac Hilton) was filled with your favorite family of co-workers and friends.


Dining consisted of a superbly qualified chef salad with no salmonella (you had to be at the party to get the joke), an entree selection of either roast-baked chicken breast covered in cream sauce with spinach or seared salmon with a light butter lemon sauce. Both entrees came with seasoned vegetables of asparagus and potatoes. And to top that, we had selections of either Cheesecake with Raspberry Drizzle or Double-Mouse Chocolate Cake. Both desserts had come with strawberries and whipped cream. The compliments on all dishes were numerous and they gave us great satisfaction in knowing our dedication has been met with praise!

But it doesn't stop there! Our members are some of the most entertaining souls you will ever meet! Off to your left, you can catch a glimpse of our featured winners of this year's Karaoke 4! (meaning one act of singing for no more than four minutes) We want to give a huge shout of recognition to every karaoke contestant: Alexandria & Craig (Guest), T.C. (Guest), Sherry, Joann, Tisha (Guest), Brianna, Sherre and Yolanda (Guest). We appreciate all of our contestants for being a major part of the fun!

Lastly, the leaders of Chapter 14 want to share a huge "Thank You" to ALL of our members and guests. It is a rare occasion when an event planner, disc jockey or even waitstaff give such awesome compliments of how YOU as members made this organization shine with poise and respect. So enjoy a few pictures that were taken of all the smiles, dancing and laughs (use button below) and know that we will see you all next year! - NTEU Chapter 14

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Second Place

$50 Prize Winners

Alexandria & Craig

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HP 2018 (260).JPG

Third Place Tie

$25 Prize Winners

Frenchie & Sherre

First Place

$100 Prize Winner


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